Climbing koppies, shopping in Malelane and baking scones

This morning we did some more weeding of the veggie patch before breakfast then it was our group’s turn to do the washing up. We were supposed to go into Malelane, but Manyatta had taken the Quantum we were meant to use. Instead Luke took us all on a bush walk. Most of the boys had gone to help set up some tables at Manyatta though, so we were left with just 3 of them. We climbed up a koppie known as Leopard Lair because the leopards are often found asleep there. Luckily they weren’t at home, but we got to see a beautiful golden orb web spider. We had to jump over quite a large gap to get up onto the top of the kopje, but the view from the top was spectacular. Getting down was much easier and one of the guys even tried pulling us down which was funny. One person did somehow manage to slide all over the place trying to get back down though.

Leopard. Image from:

We returned to Gazebo for the usual lunch of sandwiches, then we headed into Malelane. My teaching group for the school headed to Superspar where we bought some pencils, paper and ingredients to make scones for the children. I also bought some coke, a bar of Top Deck, a Dairy Milk fruit and nut bar, lemon creams and a P.S. bar which is a lovely chocolate wafer bar. I needed a few other essentials so bought a black strappy top in Mr Price and a towel from Sheet Street. Then I went to the internet cafe where I bought a chocolate Freddo ice caffe, which was like a milkshake and they put whipped cream on the top that tasted amazing, but made me feel quite full. I didn’t get to use the Internet, but it didn’t really matter. The guys and some girls dropped into a shop on the way back to buy football tops and have their nicknames embroidered on the back. Luke bought some very cheap avocadoes so him and his girlfriend could make ice cream.

Superspar in Malelane. Image from:

We spent quite a while in town so when we got back it was time to make dinner which was pap and beef. Here the meat is mostly bones, but you get used to it and you shouldn’t waste anything anyway. I forgot that on the way up to the koppie this morning we actually saw a bateleur and learnt that it has very prominent fingers and bent wings. It has brilliant eyesight so the vultures tend to follow it, as they were this morning. We also shouted ‘Manyatta’ and ‘Gazebo’ really loud and it made a cool echo!

Bateleur eagle. Image from:

This evening we made scones after we had finished washing up. We managed to bake loads of small ones and four big ones, so we all had one to try. In the supermarket this morning we bought jam and that cream you can spray so that they would be proper scones! We ended up having a huge flour fight with the flour we had used to roll the scones out on the counter. I had it all over my face and top, Boyboy had it all over his head and John had some on his face so decided he wanted to put more on mine… It was really fun though and all the others wondered what was going on when we kept appearing covered in flour. We were all quite tired and I headed to bed at around 10pm.


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