Football and a spectacular thunderstorm

I woke up at 8.45am because either the cleaners or John had put on loud music. I sat in the hammocks writing this diary and was grateful for the long lie in I had managed. The pool looked really mucky after everyone jumped in it last night. I saw some pied wagtails flying around then went to have breakfast. I had a bacon butty, melon, 2 pieces of bread with peanut butter, because there wasn’t enough to have a sandwich and some baked beans. It does sound weird looking back, but it was a really yummy meal. After breakfast we all just sat around talking on the sofas until lunch.

We learnt the other day that all the airports are closed in England because there is ash over them due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. It sounds exciting! Lunch was the usual awesome pasta. I love the way they add oil, peppers and courgettes. It is so simple, but tastes delicious.

Playing football against some locals. Image from:


At around 3 we went to a nearby town to watch some of the others play football against a team of local teachers. We thought the referee was biased. The first half of the game was 30 mins, and the second an hour so they could equalise 2-2. The match then went to penalties, and we lost because our goalie missed, bless him. Just after we had finished it started to rain, which wasn’t surprising because the sky around us had been getting darker. Then on the way back it got even darker and there was thunder and lightning. It looked spectacular and you could see the lightning behind the clouds and it striking the ground. It was truly awesome. We stopped at a few places to get chocolate and biscuits although I didn’t buy anything.

African thunderstorm. Image from:

When we arrived back Mark turned the power off, but we thought it was a proper power cut. We ate supper by candle light. The storm raged on around us and it started to rain heavily. Tom used my torch to help get supper ready. Then I went to bed because there wasn’t much to do.


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