Leopard baiting and a small party

We all managed a lie in this morning until 6.30! I never thought I would be saying that 6.30am is a lie in, but when you are staying somewhere as beautiful as this you don’t really mind. Today our group’s before breakfast chore was to clean the lapa which is probably the easiest chore and pretty much just involves sweeping the floor, wiping tables and making a new flower arrangement if you want!

The lapa. Image from: http://www.psamarketing.co.uk

This morning we were all working together on road maintenance. Filling in holes by digging up sun baked soil isn’t easy and I would hope it is making me more muscly. We saw the ellies coming back from their morning walk which was lovely. I also somehow managed to get more cuts on my legs from thorns. I’m not sure if I would want to live in an environment with these thorny plants all the time.

Lunch was macaroni, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough to go around so I had a peanut butter and jam sandwich as well. It was our chore group’s turn to collect elephant branches, but it took ages because there was only one elephant keeper to help us. Luckily two of the guys decided to help so Samson didn’t end up doing too much of the work. Us girls didn’t just sit around though! Our job was to carry all the branches back to the trailer and load them in. When we had finished we all hopped onto the tractor to ride back to the stables. We usually sat with two people on each wheel, and the rest in the trailer or standing on the join between the tractor and the trailer. This time we even gave the rest of the group a lift back to Gazebo because we were passing by anyway, so in the end the trailer was quite full! Once we had dropped them at Gazebo we offloaded the branches at the stables and managed to get a glimpse at the new horses!

Some of the horses. Image from: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk

We returned to Gazebo when one of the rangers arrived to give us a lift back and relaxed until dinner. We got a delivery of new furniture which was exciting, including a new sofa with waterproof cushions for outside! Apparently there should be some bar stools coming soon too! One of the rangers also decided to try fishing in the swimming pool, declaring ‘I want to try and catch a big fish’. It may sometimes look quite grimy in there, but I’m pretty sure it’s not got fish in it! Dinner was a lovely beef stir fry with rice. One of the guys ate most of the rice leftovers which was a huge amount, and I don’t know how he managed it!

No fish in this pool! Image from: http://www.tripadvisor.com

After dinner we went out leopard baiting with the head ranger Mark who is a great character. Unfortunately we didn’t find any impala to shoot because you should only really shoot from a bachelor herd, but it was still great fun. When we got back Mark stayed to join us for a small party because at midnight it was one of the gappers’ birthdays! We all said happy birthday then headed to bed, with a thunderstorm and rain overhead. Luckily I was so tired I managed to sleep through most of it. I’m started to get excited for the visit to Swaziland on Monday. This place is lovely and the people so great I will miss it masses when I go!


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