The Day of Lazing Around

Sundays were usually the lazy days at Kwa Madwala, but since we had been away at the weekend Monday became the day of lazing around. We all woke up late because let’s be honest the weekend travelling had been quite exhausting, especially when some of us had had a massive insect flying around our room. Then having a ‘party party’ last night meant most people were hungover as well. I had a bacon butty for breakfast then we all sat around by the sofas chatting until lunch of the previous night’s antics.


Samp, a South African food, here shown in a dish with corned meat. Image from:

After a tasty lunch of macaroni we relaxed by and in the pool. Then we had chicken kebabs with samp for dinner.Writing this blog four years on from when I ate it I cannot recall what samp tastes like, but from what I have read online it is similar to the Mielie-meal that makes up pap. According to Wikipedia samp is made from dehulled dried maize kernels. These are then stamped on or chopped until they are broken and the end product appears to look a bit like rice. I can only assume that dinner tasted great as I probably would have written if it was otherwise. I cannot imagine chicken kebabs tasting bad either way. After dinner none of us stayed awake too long as we were all still tired.


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