The vegetable garden and the orphanages.

First thing this morning we weeded the vegetable garden. As we worked at such a fast rate apparently we are now ‘Team Win’. One of the rangers returned yesterday after passing his final stage ranger exams. He had forgotten to wake me and my roommate this morning, but he hugged to apologise so we forgave him.

What I hope the vegetable garden may look like one day.

After breakfast we headed off to the orphanages. On the way one of the rangers driving stood up to see why the engine was making a funny noise, but his baseball cap flew off. We had to turn around to fetch it off the road. Before it was picked up, it was driven over to ‘discipline it’. Firstly we went to the one in the community where we would be working. There was a small girl there with rickets which was sad to see. Some of the children took our sunglasses off and tried them on. They liked to take our cameras off us, and take photos with them. We were a bit afraid they would just run off with them, so once I got mine back I said it had run out of battery and put it back in my bag.

Then we went to the second orphanage that was empty because it was the school holidays and they were at the caretakers house. We saw there was a library and they also had computers. They were much better developed than the first orphanage. In their shop I bought several presents for my family as some of the profits went to the upkeep of the orphanage. We stopped on the way back to go to the shops and  then had beef sausages in a bap for lunch.

A disadvantaged household in Kamhlushwa, the same township as the second orphanage I think.

This afternoon we went on a game drive and searched for the lions, but didn’t find them. To compensate for this we went down to the power lines and saw three white rhino; a mum, dad and a one year old. We then continued on the game drive, but it started to look like rain. Because we were on almost the other side of the reserve to Gazebo, we decided to start heading back. Just as we had started to do this, it started to tip with rain so we stopped and the game ranger got out to put the sides down on the game drive vehicle we were in. He was only out there a matter of seconds, but got back in completely soaked. The other game drive vehicle had no roof so the people in that got even more wet. We had to stop on the way back as there was a very big lake in the middle of the track, and we decided to turn around. The inside of the game drive vehicle started to steam up, and the game ranger had to floor it so we couldn’t see where we were going. At one point we went over a bump and my head hit the roof, luckily missing the metal bar. We skidded all over the muddy track. The rain was so heavy and there was thunder and lightning close to the power lines, which can’t be good. Despite this change in weather we had still managed to see zebra, impala, warthog and wildebeest on the game drive.

Later in the evening we were playing a card game when the power went out. It was pitch black and we couldn’t see a thing. We had to stop playing cards until someone arrived with candles. We ate a dinner of chicken kebabs and spicy potato wedges which was very romantic and tasty. A ranger game in with a python they had found, which had tried to come inside to shelter from the rain. Some people held it, and I stroked it. We also heard a ‘go-away’ bird today, which has a call which sounds just like it’s saying go away. It may be my new favourite bird.


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