Relaxing by the pool and our first big African thunderstorm

After the antics of last night no one got up early. In fact, I actually had to remind myself there were loads of other people in our room this morning. Breakfast was a fry up, and I think the smell of it cooking was what woke most people up! I made a bacon butty which tasted SO good. It was my group’s turn to do the washing up, but we were down a few members who were still asleep. We didn’t mind too much, as it meant more food for us!

Generic image of a fried breakfast to make you all hungry.

As it was our first day off today was pretty much spent just lazing around. Lunch was yummy pasta, but after eating lots at breakfast I wasn’t that hungry. The pasta did have vegetables in it, which I was grateful for, as we don’t see much of them! After lunch I lazed around reading a book, occasionally retrieving the volleyball when it was hit out of the pool. The pool looks out across the dam to the rest of the reserve, and I can’t imagine a pool having a much better view. Dinner was rolls with ‘chicken bits’ covered in what tasted bit like KFC seasoning, butternut squash and courgettes. We have eaten so well today.

Highlight of the day has to be the big African thunderstorm which lasted from 4pm-8pm. When it started we all retreated into the lapa. (Technically a lapa means a thatched roof supported by wooden poles. At Kwa we used the lapa as an undercover area where we ate dinner, lounged around on sofas and sat at the bar. ) The rain came down really hard and it was warm. It was beautiful seeing the lightning dart across the big African sky. As for wildlife, we saw swifts, bats and a heron today. 


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