Returning to England

We woke up late this morning for breakfast at 9:30am. After this we packed until 11am and put all our stuff in the cellar at the hostel. A few of us stayed behind while the others went to the tourist market. Leaving one of the girls in hostel we went off to walk around town. We had to stop on the way as the guy who had been throwing up last night thought he was going to be ill. We went to an Italian place called Tomato in the Mariscal Sucre. Here I had water to rink and then we shared a large pepperoni pizza. The meal was great; pizza tastes so good after such a long time. Then we returned to the hostel for 2pm where the girl had been having fun playing with Aldo, the hostel owner’s young son. We collected all of our kit then we got on the bus and were taken to the airport. This was like our farewell journey to Ecuador. So we then said bye to Gaby and Miguel. We had been through so much with both, especially Miguel as he had shared all of our experiences with us.

Generic pepperoni pizza. Image not my own.

We went and checked in for the flight, only to find the woman hadn’t put us sitting together. However, turned out we were all close together anyway. Then we had to pay our airport tax. They let the big water bottles through to the departure lounge, but that was where we left them. There we waited and then got on the plane. The plane flew to Guayaquil as due to the high altitude fuel can’t be stored in Quito. On the way there we saw some amazing views of volcanoes. Whilst the plane refuelled we had to get off it and go through security and into duty free, then back onto the plane. It’s because they don’t want you on the plane in case it happens to explode. As we took off there were fireworks out the window as it was the Founding of Guayaquil festival.Then it was dark, we ate an evening meal, put our blinds down and off to sleep with our cushion and rug provided, although I never bothered with the rug. I woke up at breakfast, but was too tired to eat anything so I just had some water. I packed all the things I had lying around into my hand luggage bag, which I had bought in Otavalo.

Guayaquil founding festival. Image not my own.

We then arrived at the Madrid Barrajas airport. I do love the architecture, but it felt very hot. We walked straight to the gate, with about 20 minutes to spare when we got there. We had great fun using the travelators, and went around the shops once we got to the gate. I bought some cashews and then got on the plane, after the guys had returned our male teachers chorizo sandwich, and set off on our last flight. We were all really excited to be nearly home. On this journey there was a big group of us all together. After seeing us fly over Bilbao I got to write my group journal slot. I had enough time to see us go over some of the islands in the English Channel. Then we went down and landed. All I could think was ‘yey, we are on English soil’. Then we got off, through passport control, where some fit people checked ours. Then we collected our bags. No one had lost theirs so we celebrated, I think we may have even had a group hug. We then went through nothing to declare and waited outside in the lobby as the bus hadn’t arrived yet. One of the girls phoned her boyfriend and found out that he had dyed his hair blonde. This provided laughs for all. Some people went to buy water and crisps, and then we went and sat outside. So we waited about ten minutes and then we just laughed as they had brought a minibus with a trailer to take us back to school. So we crammed all our things in the trailer and we all just managed to fit in. the guys instantly started asking about sport, I stayed awake but then drifted off like most others. Then around Salisbury we all woke up and started talking about all things Warminster and home. When we went through Shrewton we said ‘hi’ to one of our friends’ house and shop. Then we arrived at school around 8:15pm. We all thought ‘Man, the end of an epic journey’. Our male teacher made a speech when we had stopped saying ‘This has been an amazing experience. Many of you have felt out of your comfort zone etc.’. Then one of the guys spoke up and said ‘You know sir we couldn’t have asked for two better teachers. No really, we have all discussed this and we can’t think of anyone else we would have wanted to come, so thank you’. By this time we were all nodding and clapping as we agreed with every word he said. Then we got out of the minibus and collected our kit. We had our last team hug and then had a team photo and we all gave each other individual hugs. Then we all went home as our parents had been waiting at school to collect us. It was the end of a truly exciting adventure, it felt almost like leaving family behind. We are all so close now that it is amazing. It was a rather emotional and sad goodbye for us all, but we are all going to see each other next year.


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