Less than ideal driving and a volcanic eruption

A couple of other girls had been ill in the night as well. We had a lie in and took a taxi at 10:30am to the Condado shopping mall near the school. He did lots of what felt like emergency stops and using his horn. His taste in music was also rather weird. We didn’t do much at the school as we weren’t feeling that great still. The others went to the ballet, but me and another girl stayed behind and slept. Our male teacher came to see us and said that we could eat something if we liked. I asked him if he was carrying a loaf of bread, but he said ‘no, that’s the first aid kit’. Haha woops I really can’t see without my glasses on. So he ordered me a cheese and tomato pizza, but I was too tired to eat much.

Generic pizza photo. Image not my own.

We watched Blood Diamond, but not to the end though as we were too tired. It is a good film. He also gave us some flat coke, and was a bit worried we would go to sleep in his room where the TV was located, because he was reading Kite Runner out in the courtyard. He ordered a vegetarian supreme with extra pepperoni. One of the guys watched it a bit with us when we got back, but after a while we were all so tired we went to bed. This morning the guys had joked that a volcano was erupting so we had to evacuate, but he told us that there really was one erupting this time. He thought it was Chimborazo, whose summit is the furthest point from the centre of the Earth due to equatorial bulge. However, my guide book says it is inactive so we guessed he’s got it wrong.


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