Painting the kitchen and the TelefériQo up Pichincha Volcano

I helped paint the kitchen at the school this morning. I had KFC at lunch at the Condado shopping mall as well as the pack lunch provided. We then resumed our work from before lunch.

Inside the shopping mall. Image not my own.

I helped one of the other girls and Bryan, an adorable little kid who has been picking up English fast, to do some stencils on the kitchen wall. These stencils were of tulips, teapots, cups and kettles. Then we got a coach to the TelefériQo, which is one of the world’s highest aerial lifts, which goes up the lower slopes of Pichincha, the volcano which overlooks Quito.


Cotopaxi from the lift.


Sign warning you to be slow and not run.


View of the airport and city.


View of the city.


View of the city.


View of the city.

We could see Cotopaxi and the views in general were amazing. It was weird to be above the planes. The top is at 4100m and we took a few photos. On the way back down in the cable car we got into a conversation about silly signs in Ghana such as the Amen Driving School and Jesus’ Spare Parts, as both of our teachers had been there. A few of us were ill during the night, probably due to altitude sickness.


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