The special school and a salsa class

This morning we got talking to a new couple that were at breakfast in the hostel. It turned out that the man had done the signs for one of the trails at La Hesperia and was going to go back with his wife. They also planned to go to Otavalo that day. Then when departing from the hostel to go to the special school we saw another girl who had been at La Hesperia walking down the road. What a small world.

The outside of the hostel. Image not my own.

At the special school we did several different tasks. I helped sand a black gate and got a very black face. I also played with the kids making hand puppets and they loved it. We made some name stickers so we knew each other’s names. For lunch me and a couple of friends went over a bridge onto a roundabout and ate our packed lunch. It was a bizarre experience. The roundabout was located outside the Condado shopping mall. Then after lunch I helped paint the kitchen.

The outside of the Condado shopping mall. Image not my own.

We left the school at about half three, after changing clothes, for a salsa lesson where we arrived around 4:15pm. Their security dog didn’t even look like a dog. Our male teacher said that it looked like a capybara and I agreed. We got into lines and then learnt a few dance moves. They usually involved 1, 2, 3 clap or in fact uno, dos, tres, clap. After a brief break we did some more dance steps. The woman didn’t look amused when one of the guys fell over and couldn’t stop laughing. We stopped at about 5:50pm and went to the I to I office for dinner. On the way back to the hostel we all sang songs, although one guy managed to fall asleep. Then we went to an Internet café, and I wrote emails. Then after we had all finished we went back to the hostel and went to bed.


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