Cuicocha and the place to buy leather

We went to Cuicocha, a crater lake, this morning, but found there was a swimming race in it which meant no boat trips were going yet. So instead we watched a band by the lake and people dancing around a maypole. Then we all ate empanadas, which are basically rice and cheese in bread or dough with lots of sugar on them. They tasted like savoury doughnuts.

Empanadas. Image not my own.

As we couldn’t go on a boat trip we went to the local town called Cotacachi, which is famous for its leather. We looked in many leather shops and one of my friends bought a leather cowboy hat. There were pretty much all the products made out of leather you could possibly want.

Leather shop in Cotacachi. Image not my own.

We then went back for the boat trip. On the boat trip they said the lake is 180m deep. Sulphur must be piped out from under the lake as otherwise it may cause an explosion because the water is not turned over enough at the bottom of the lake. The sulphur is produced by the volcanic activity that still continues below the lake. After the boat ride we got a free drink that was like hot tea tasting of cinnamon, but you had to add lots of sugar.

Cuicocha crater lake. Image not my own.

We then returned to the hostel for lunch and then drove back to Quito. On the way we lost acceleration, but our bus driver got out his tool box and fixed it. Dinner was at the I to I office, then we went and settled back into the hostel. We made a trip to the Internet café and we watched most of a pirate DVD of Hancock in our male teacher’s room as he had a TV. It was a good film, but a bit random. The pirate also had German subtitles at the beginning which was a bit weird! Then we went to bed.


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