Schools and the equator museum

This morning we went to the special school where we would be working. We started by sanding some desks and chairs, but we have loads to do. There is a lot to paint, including a kitchen and the outdoor play area needs to be made safe as at the moment it is full of rubbish. One of the girls is painting a big mural on the wall.

For lunch we went to KFC in a nearby shopping centre we could walk to. The shopping centre was huge and the food places were on the top floor. After lunch we transferred to the Inti ñan equator museum. The scenery was stunning on the way to the museum. We went through one valley which was like a desert with cacti growing everywhere. This was quite a change from the cloud forest.

Inti ñan museum.

Inti ñan museum.

The equator museum we went to was the traditional one, which I much preferred to the big monument called La Mitad del Mundo which isn’t actually quite on the equator. Here we got to see the water swirling different directions out of a sink on the different sides of the equator, although I am not sure if this is really true.

We stood with our feet either side of the equator and some of us managed to balance and egg on the head of a nail. There was a tomb recreation and we even saw a shrunken head! There was a blow pipe people could have a go using and the guys decided to use themselves as targets, leading to one getting the dart stuck in his bum! His reaction was hilarious! There was also a traditional guy who wore a weird mask and did some dancing!

Some wierd sculptures.

Some wierd sculptures.

After we had finished our museum tour we went to the school which our school had visited two years ago. The bus couldn’t get up to the school so we off loaded all the toys and things we were donating and carried them up. The road was quite steep, but after a little while we got to the top. Once at the school they gratefully accepted the donations. They all seemed so happy and I saw a guy with the teddies I donated. We played parachute games and duck, duck, goose with them. However, we changed the duck, duck, goose to gato, gato, perro for ease. The mural the group had done two years ago was still there.

La Mitad del Mundo monument.

La Mitad del Mundo monument.


Then we took the other gifts further up the hill to one of the parents houses. The La Hesperia hill prepared us to think this was a stroll. They gave us some very salty pork and corn to eat! Mine looked a bit like intestine! Miguel also managed to knock a photo of the Pope off the wall, so he said ‘Oh, lo siento Juan Pablo’. We then headed back down the hill, past some barking dogs, not all of which were tied up. Some people muttered ‘Who has had their rabies injection?’, but luckily we managed to pass by them without much trouble. Once back at the bus we went to dinner at the I to I office and then back to the hostel.


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