Last day at La Hesperia

This morning the others continued with what they had been doing yesterday. A few of us went into a place by the volunteer house where they had planted trees four to five years ago. We cleared around where they were growing to make sure no weeds grew up. Xica the dog followed us and we lost her, but when we finished and returned to the house she was already there. We also saw some illegal deforestation on the other side of the river which was sad.

Deforested area. Image not my own.

Miguel built a tower of cards that looked amazing. However, we later found that several of them were stuck together, although he protested it was just the humidity!

After lunch it was time to leave. We walked down the hill with our day sacks, having already sent our big bags down. We took two Germans with us, the boy was called Davids, but I don’t remember the girl’s name. We dropped them off, in what seemed like the middle of a motorway, in Quito. They seemed to know where they were going as Miguel gave them directions and they seemed ok. It was like saying goodbye to La Hesperia when we said goodbye to them!

When we got to Quito we dumped our things in the hostel we had stayed in the first night. We then went to the internet café which was my first chance to email. I did a mass email to family and friends, but it was hard to type on a Spanish keyboard. Also some letters were rubbed out with us, but I coped with instinct.

The name of the internet cafe we went to. Image not my own.

Then we had a meal at the I to I office. We went to sleep pretty early as we had to leave early next morning! It was sad leaving La Hesperia, we had all had such a great time!


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