Making coffee, gardening and riddles

This morning we went down three quarters of the hill we had to walk up to get to La Hesperia. Here we picked the ripe red coffee berries off the bushes that grew next to the road. It was really exciting to know that you could be involved with all stages of the coffee making process. It was slightly tedious at times, but the interesting butterflies kept us entertained, especially a large blue one. The reserve has more species of butterflies than England!

Coffee berries. Image not my own.

After a couple of hours and a few people making a trip to the shop at the bottom of the hill we walked back up the hill in the heat of the day.  It seemed to take longer than yesterday when it was raining.

Once at the top we had lunch. After lunch we split into three groups so we all had a go at making coffee. Firstly we started shelling all the berries to get the beans. This was slimy work, but we had a machine we could simply put the berries through to get rid of the outer shell. We then rinsed the beans and laid them out in the sun to dry. They would be roasted later.

When not doing this, the other two groups were helping Walter prepare a ‘rábano’ bed and plant some carrots. We had to wet the soil and then crumble in some manure. ‘Shit’ as Walter said, one of the only English words he knows! For some reason we got onto the debate about whether you could stick some in your diary and whether it would be allowed through customs! It would be embarrassing to declare it!

The plant beds.

The plant beds.

This evening we had the option to go camping up the hill but we decided to not go. Instead we ate popcorn and melted marshmallows over the really smoky fire in the house. The popcorn was really good and in a sugar/butter mix. I ate about two bowls of it and it was cooked in a huge pan in the outside kitchen. Someone thought it was cooked in a frying pan, oh dear! There was a bat in the living room where we were in the house. It was really cosy and Walter decided to join us. We did riddles with one teacher telling us them. One was him asking ‘who have I shot?’ People guessed and the first person to guess was the person who was shot. Another riddle was ‘I can go from Frankfurt to Dublin’. Then we had to say ‘Can I go from ….. to …..?’ You could if it was your initials e.g. from Guernsey to Dundee if your initials were G.D. A third riddle was ‘Can I go from …. to …. ummm ….?’ As long as you said ‘ummm’ you could go anywhere! This riddle took me a little while longer to figure out than the other two. After this we were all pretty sleepy so we decided to go bed, but I feel we’re definitely bonding more as a team.


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