White Water Rafting Day Two

After the boys’ alcohol consumption last night, instead of moving on to grade 4 and 5 rapids, they decided we had best stick to the same as yesterday. Lunch was fajitas though which was lovely! Then our wonderful rafting experience ended, we all piled on the bus and drank beer that Jeff and the other guides had provided, bless them! Andres saw that someone had frunas, which are very yummy.

Generic image of fajitas. Image not my own.

We then headed to the shops on the way back to La Hesperia, where some of the guys had KFC. I bought some fried plantain and brinky, which are cookies with a pink filling.

After leaving the shop we shortly saw two ambulances, two fire engines and a police car go by. There had clearly been a crash of some sorts as we hardly moved for the next few hours, although there was nothing to see when we went past. While we were in the queue a kid of about 9 or 10 asked me my name, then called me ‘bonita’, one of the guys remarking that the kid was trying to hit on me!

Once at the bottom of the hill to La Hesperia, we said goodbye to the three guides and then commenced our trek up the hill. It was sad saying goodbye to them as we had all had such a great time. Ironically there was fried chicken for dinner when we got back! We were all so tired we went to bed at about 8pm. There had been a conference in the room next to our girls dormitory last night so there had been a lot of noise until late, when all we wanted to do was sleep.

One last image of rafting. Image not my own.

So thank you Rio’s Blanco and Toachí, which I am pretty sure we went down! You have some great rapids and I had a great time, but boy can paddling be quite hard work!


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