Waterfall walk

We woke up early this morning as a car alarm was going off right outside the house. Some people thought it was a fire alarm because the sound was so strange as it had several different sounds, some of them like emergency services. At breakfast we had naranjilla juice and pineapple jam. It seems odd still that these things are the norm around here.

Figure 1. Naranjilla

After breakfast Walter got a grabber and collected oranges from the tree outside for lunch. How fresh and local! The guys have started to call Walter ‘dos, uno’, because that was how much they beat his team in a football match.

We then started out on the waterfall walk. The slopes were really slippery and we were only wearing wellies. Most of us fell down at some point or the other, often taking out branches. The guys started to chuck sticks at me shouting ‘Snake, Bob!’ as Bob is my nickname, the meanies!

Figure 2. Rappelling down a waterfall

We ate lunch at the bottom of the waterfalls. It had started to rain so we sheltered under palm leaves that had been cut for us, whilst sitting on branches over the river. We then walked back through the river and up a steep slope back to the house. The river was often deep, but almost refreshing to walk through, and the slope was very slippy in some places.

Figure 3. The river

When we got back, we had a break, and then Alexandria, the wife of the owner, gave us a talk on the wildlife of Ecuador and La Hesperia. She showed us some snakes preserved in alcohol, but only one of them was poisonous. There are peccaries, white-faced capuchin monkeys, cock-of-the-rock birds, armadillos and more in La Hesperia.

After the talk I had my first hot shower. It felt so good! Dinner was rice, egg with salt and pepper, and aubergine. The pudding was like clotted milk that was sweet, but I didn’t have any. Miguel didn’t like the look of it either.

Today I also ate some sugar cane, as the horses had escaped into the field, knocking some of it down. One of the members of staff also saw a toucan.

Next time: White water rafting.


2 responses to “Waterfall walk

  1. What a good day! I hope I get a chance to do some canyoning + white water rafting as well while I’m in Ecuador. The first time I had sugar cane here, I ate it instead of just chewing it and spitting it out . . . my family thought that was pretty hilarious and still like to tell people the story!

  2. Haha oh dear, I don’t imagine it tasted very nice! Yeah you really should try and go white water rafting! It’s so much fun!

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