Working in the vegetable garden

We got up as usual and ate breakfast. Afterwards we got sprayed as usual and wacked on the sun cream. The American girls left this morning so we have the whole house to ourselves.

I remembered that on the first day of conservation work one of the guys was chopping grass holding the machete with one hand and let go of it. It flew past someone with only centimetres to spare.

Figure 1. The weeded area.

Figure 1. The weeded area of the vegetable garden.

Today we cleaned the whole of the veggie garden. We used hoes, machetes and spades to do this. The machetes were used to dig into the soul and break it up. We had to put and edge of one foot around the beds, with the edge marked using aloe vera leaves. We also had to pile up the soil around the base of all the maize plants and clear up any weeds we found. I marvelled once again at the pineapple plants. We managed to sort out the whole cultivated area of the garden and were really proud and happy at the end.

Figure 2. Raised beds weeded and planted.

Figure 2. Raised beds weeded and planted.

A few of the others sorted out the nursery by weeding and planting hardwood trees, whilst another small group dug a pond one metre deep. It will be used to keep fish and they saw a snake whilst digging it!

Figure 3. Field of maize.

Figure 3. Field of maize.

We had the best lunch today of soup containing mozzarella, pasta and potato. For dinner we ate steak, rice, zucchini and celery. We then had a sing song with someone from our group playing the really hot, hippy American’s guitar. It was great fun and he danced along while he washed and dried up. Sadly he didn’t take his top off though.

The last 24 hours have been so funny. In the morning we learnt there were rats in the house, and then at breakfast it turned out that one of the guy’s phones had been chewed by the Xica the dog. The phone had been left out on the veranda last night along with the Nesquik which the dogs had also eaten! They are such a menace. Luckily the contacts from the phone managed to be salvaged which was the most important thing. Another of the boys managed to stand on a hoe and the pole hit him in the balls so he just collapsed on the floor. It transpired later that it had not actually hurt him, he was just acting up to the situation. However he was just lying on the floor when he got a hoe thrown at him!

Next time: Continued work on the nursery up the hill.


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